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Throughout March, Theatre in Our Schools (TIOS) month, join thousands of students and theatre educators in raising awareness about the impact of theatre education, drawing attention to the need for more access for all students, and supporting school theatre programs in need. You can help spread the message to your communities, school boards, elected officials, and online, of how school theatre experiences teaches 21st century skills.

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Ways to celebrate:

TIOS 2020 Calendar - Ways to Celebrate

March 1-7 Thespian Spirit Week!

Kick off TIOS Month by sharing your theatre education story. Use #TIOS20

Thespians: Show your Thespian pride and join the fun on Instagram with the Thespian Spirit Week photo challenge hosted by your ITO. Follow @thespiansociety for details.

March 8-14 Saturate Your School Week!

Use announcements, displays, school media, and special presentations to the student body and faculty at your school or within your local school district.

March 16-21 Cover Your Community Week!

Be present with displays and presentations in libraries and public spaces, stores, and contact radio, TV, newspapers, and online community sites/blogs/pages about your TIOS activities.

March 22-28 Equip Elected Officials Week!

Get in touch with school boards and other elected officials with TIOS information via presentations, hand-outs, emails, etc.

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Ideas, planning tips, and resources

  • Getting Started and Promotional Ideas
  • Outstanding Impact Award Rubric
  • Outstanding Impact Award Submission


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  • One-page Flyer

Facts and messages

  • 31 Theatre Education Facts
  • Letters to the Editor Templates
  • Did You Know? Theatre Ed. Facts & Figures
  • Local News Release Template
Stars like Darren Criss, Megan Hilty, and John Cariani share what Theatre In Our Schools means to them
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