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The International Thespian Society’s Student Leadership Program is a pathway to leadership at whatever level you choose — troupe, chapter, and national. It’s knowledge you’ll use the rest of your life, whatever career path you choose. Workshops are led by the International Thespian Officers (ITOs).



International Thespian Student Leadership
Council (ITSLC)

The ITSLC is made up of the International Thespian Officers (ITO), and one State/Province Thespian Officer (STO/PTO) or appointed delegate from each chapter. The ITSLC meets monthly to develop student leadership skills, elevate the voice of student innovation and input, and foster communication among chapter leaders. The ITSLC is the voting body for ITO elections.


International Thespian Officers

ITOs are Thespian leaders who represent the student voice in the Educational Theatre Association and International Thespian Society at the national level. These officers work year-round with EdTA staff, chapter leaders, and Thespians from across the globe to nurture strong student leaders, advocate for the arts, fundraise for accessibility, and create the best experience possible for students.

Inducted Thespians who are currently sophomores or juniors in good academic standing are eligible to apply. Questions can be directed to




Broadway Licensing Send a Leader
Diversity Grants

These grants are awarded to student Thespians with experience in diversity-based leadership, service, and social justice activities, with preference given to students traditionally underrepresented in student leadership. Grants cover registration fees for the current year’s International Thespian Festival (ITF) and Student Leadership Program. Applications open in February and are due in April.


Student Leadership Library

Resources, tactics, and tips compiled by students for students. Topics include advocacy, leadership skills, running a meeting, social media management, and more.

Thanks to Broadway Licensing for sponsoring the Send a Leader Diversity Grants and the ITSLC grants! Broadway-Licensing-et-al---Logo-2021-1x.jpg