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Awards, Grants, and Scholarships

Awards, Grants, and Scholarships

Each year, the Educational Theatre Association’s awards, grants, and scholarships honor the achievements of individuals and theatre programs, providing award winners with the financial support to attend association events or further educational endeavors.


Awards are presented in recognition of notable accomplishments by individuals or theatre programs.

2017 Hall of Fame Award Winners

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Grants for Teachers, Troupes & Schools

Grants are one-time financial awards presented to individuals or troupes to attend the EdTA National Conference or International Thespian Festival, or to help support the troupe's theatre program.

Pacific Rim Academy gets ready to head to ITF

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Scholarships & Grants for Students

These awards are presented to students based on a combination of achievements, merit, and career goals for a variety of uses, such as attending the International Thespian Festival.

Kings Mills High School near Cincinatti performing on stage

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