2020-21 Events Calendar

2020-21 Festivals and Conferences

Events Calendar 2020-21
Ready for a ton of theatre fun, learning, and competition? Attend an EdTA theatre festival or conference! Most events this school year are virtual due to COVID-19. In-person events list the location. Check with your chapter for more information — and check this schedule for updates.
November 2020
November 7, 21, December 5 Virtual Texas Thespians State Festival
November 5-6 Northern Florida Junior Regional Thespian Festival
(Districts 1, 2, 7, 8, 10, 11)
November 7-8 Southern Florida Junior Regional Thespian Festival
(Districts 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 12)
November 12-14 Northeast Florida Thespians Regional Festival
(Northeast Florida/District 2)
November 14 Arkansas Virtual Junior Thespian Festival
November 14 Indiana Thespians Virtual Regional Conferences
November 19-21 Florida Southeast Region Festival
November 21

Arizona Thespians Scholarship Auditions

Hyatt Regency Downtown Phoenix

December 2020
December 3-5 Florida Northwest Regional District Festival
(Districts 1, 5, 12)
December 4-5 Arkansas State Virtual One-Act Festival
December 4-5 Michigan Thespians 2020 MiFest
December 5 Indiana Thespians Junior Thespian Festival
December 10-12 Colorado Junior ThesCon 2020
December 10-12 Colorado ThesCon 2020
December 11-January 9 Washington State International Thespian Excellence Awards (Thespys®)
January 2021
January 8-9 Nebraska Thespians State Thespian Festival
January 16-18 New Jersey ThesFest
January 21-23 Florida District 8 Thespians Mini Festival
January 21-23 Missouri State Conference
January 21-23 Pennsylvania Virtual State Thespians Conference
January 21-23 Southern Arizona Festival of Theatre
University of Arizona
January 23 Central Arizona Festival of Theatre
Chandler-Gilbert Community College
January 23

Northern Arizona Festival of Theatre

Yavapai Community College

January 23

Western Arizona Festival of Theatre

Estrella Community College

January 23 North Carolina Regional Thespy Qualifiers: Triad District, East District, Triangle District, Charlotte Area Region, West District
January 28-31

Thespian Nation Live

Home of the official California, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, New Mexico, Virginia, and Wyoming Thespian festivals

February 2021
February 6

Oregon Regional Acting Competition

(Northeast, Northwest, and South Regions)

February 11-13 Arkansas State Virtual Festival
February 12-13 Alabama Thespian Festival
February 13 Hawaii Thespian Festival
February 19 - 21 British Columbia Provincial Thespian Festival
February 25-27 Georgia Virtual ThesCon 2021
February 25-27 Massachusetts Thespian Festival
February 25-27 Nevada Thespian State Festival
February 26 Mississippi ThesCon 2021 and Junior Thespian Conference
March 2021
March (events throughout the month) Iowa Virtual Thespian Festival
March 12-14 North Carolina Combined Thespian Festival
March 17-20 Florida Thespian Festival
March 17-20 Washington State Virtual Thespian Festival and Junior Festival
March 18-20

West Virginia ThesFest '21

West Virginia University Creative Arts Center

March 26-28 Ohio Thespian State Festival
April 2021
April 8-10

Oregon Thespians State Festival

Salem Convention Center; Elsinore Theatre; The Grand Theatre

April 9 - 11

Virtual 2021 Maryland Thespian Festival

April 9

Oregon Junior Thespians State Day

The Grand Theatre—Salem/Salem Convention Center

April 10

Arizona Junior Thespian Festival

Sossaman Middle School

April 23-24

New York Thespian Festival 2021


April 24

South Carolina Jr. Thespian Festival

Dutchman Creek Middle School

May 2021
Friday, May 14

ITF Registration Deadline

May 15

New Jersey Junior ThesFest

Toms River High School North

June 2021
Tuesday, June 1 ITF Late Registration Deadline
Tuesday, June 1 Staged Reading Auditions (for Thespy Playwriting and New Play Commission piece) Submission Deadline
Tuesday, June 1 ITF Thespys and College Audition Submissions Deadline
Thursday, June 10 1:1 Appointment Portal Opens on Virtual ITF Event Platform
Tuesday, June 15 ITF background checks must be completed for all participating adults
Tuesday, June 15 ITF parental consent forms must be completed for all participating students
Tuesday, June 15 ITF payments must be received for any troupe registrations. Any registrations with balances due after this date will be cancelled.
June 22-25 Virtual International Thespian Festival
July 2021
July 6-9

Arizona Thespians Leadership Camp

Camp Shadow Pines

July 12 - 14 & 19 - 20 

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