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Macbeth- any great cut scripts out there?
18 2 hours ago by Sam Robinson
Original post by Nicole Tremblay
Full time tech theatre opening
0 3 hours ago by Natalie Dommer
Lighting an Outdoor Performance
0 4 hours ago by Kate Mote
Printing a Roster???
0 5 hours ago by Amy MacCord
In person "in-seat" drama program
10 7 hours ago by CJ Breland
Original post by Joanna Lewton
Books for Seniors
11 8 hours ago by Erik Stein
Original post by Michael Bergman
Dealing with divisive students
0 9 hours ago by Tyler Timm
May 26 - Educational Fair Use Discussion with Dramatists Guild
0 11 hours ago by Stephen Kaplan
Best Online Tech Theatre class for a drama teacher? + Best Tech theatre summer learning experience for drama theatre?
5 yesterday by Rachel Keebler
Original post by Awele Makeba
Most financially successful non-musical play you've ever done!
31 yesterday by Kendra Knoblock
Original post by Cherie Firmin
Spamalot Casting
2 yesterday by Christian Garretson
Original post by Lauren Rosi
Sigh... another glitch in the new system
1 2 days ago by Brett Hiner
Original post by Holly Thompson
Updating school administrative contacts
0 4 days ago by Janet Wood
Help - Finding/Printing a Receipt / Past Invoice
1 4 days ago by Taylor Davis
Original post by Tammy Friend
name changes
1 4 days ago by Daniel Doerger
Original post by Julie Ann Hawk
Pairing with moliere
3 5 days ago by Tim Mooney
Original post by Krissy Dorn
Musical Suggestions
4 5 days ago by Laura Latham
Original post by Megan Upton-Tyner
Valid research related to time frame of a rehearsal schedule
4 5 days ago by Kathleen McNulty Mann
Original post by Juanita McGarrigle
Technical Director Opening
0 5 days ago by A-men Rasheed
acoustic panel ideas
7 5 days ago by Kathleen Conner
Original post by Clare Anderson
Play Suggestion - 110 Stories by Sarah Tuft
3 5 days ago by Sarah Tuft
Original post by Leslie Kane
Tech Director position
0 6 days ago by Holly Thompson
0 6 days ago by Kevin Welsh
Teaching Job in Turner, Oregon
0 6 days ago by Allyson Arndt
HS Theater Diversity Advisory Committees
0 7 days ago by Sravya Tadepalli
In person programs for summer 2021?
6 7 days ago by Kristi Ross-Clausen
Original post by Nathan Rosen
National Teacher Appreciation Day!
0 7 days ago by Abbie Van Nostrand
Outdoor Amphitheater
0 11 days ago by Robin Tuckett
The Play That Goes Wrong: One Act
0 11 days ago by Lea Marshall
Matilda Sound Effects
0 11 days ago by Glen Carpenter
Register new thespians?
7 12 days ago by Brooke Wolting
Original post by Greg Saum
How to find my Troupe list
3 12 days ago by Stephanie Schultze
Original post by Krischelle Hansen
Best text and/or curriculum for beginning acting class?
3 12 days ago by Debra Fendrich
Original post by Ariana Schwartz
Quick and helpful responses from MTI
1 12 days ago by Cassy Maxton-Whitacre
Original post by Nathan Rosen
Performing with Music Tracks
5 12 days ago by Karin Neal
Original post by Kristina Cummins
Troupe records
4 13 days ago by Jodi Disario
High School Musical Costumes
1 13 days ago by Hannah Agee
Original post by Ellie Griffin
Summer (audio, lighting, Hamilton) classes designed for HS teachers
0 13 days ago by Kristi Ross-Clausen
Next Year's Musical
4 14 days ago by Rob Duval
Original post by Jennifer Gunther
A Simple Virtual Fundraising Tool With An Educational Twist.
0 14 days ago by Michael Alden
Commedia Masks
7 14 days ago by James Bailey
Original post by Michael Yoson
ITS enrollment
0 14 days ago by Kathryn d'Alelio
masks with mics
6 14 days ago by Maria Karres-Williams
Original post by Chad Fisk
Virtual Live Event Career Exploration Rock Lititz
0 14 days ago by Donald Klukas
Game Ideas
7 14 days ago by Mark Ultra
Original post by Alexandria Bagwell
Teaching non-production to middle school
6 15 days ago by Jennifer Bennett
Original post by Karen Nielsen
FL/GA/AL Interested in Chitty?
4 15 days ago by Michelle Brightman
Original post by Analiese Hamm
Soultions to Problems Inducting Students
3 17 days ago by Hans Weichhart
Original post by Kenneth Robinson
Comedic monologue senior girl for College Audition
1 17 days ago by Matthew Cahoon
Original post by Melinda Carlson
Comedic Melodrama for Middle School
3 18 days ago by Rich Horne
Original post by Jennifer Bryan