Honorary and memorial gifts

Honorary and memorial gifts 

The Educational Theatre Association and the International Thespian Society express sincere appreciation for the generous gifts in honor and memory received since January 1, 2016.

In honor of Sonya S. Berlon*

Douglas and Debbi Berlon

In honor of Eve Bolton

Gary Fisher

In honor of Greg, Toi, and Miranda Burdick

Stephanie D'Abruzzo

In honor of Dr. Sheri Coffman*

J. Kevin Purkaple

In memory of Joe Conger*

Angel Wuellner

In honor of Matt, Jane and John Conover

Ed and Barb Conover

In honor of Don Corathers

Arnold Printing Company

In honor of Tina L. Croghan*

J. Jason Daunter

In honor of Josh Davenport

J. Jason Daunter

In honor of Dotty Davis


In memory of James W. (Jim) Dotson*

R. L. Mirabal

In honor of Krista Carson Elhai

Denise and Tom Casazzone

In honor of the Finneytown performing arts program

Friends of Finneytown

In honor of Don F. Fruechte*

Krista Carson Elhai

In honor of Robert Greenblatt

John Williams

In honor of Glenn Halcomb

William Halcomb

In honor of Hamilton: A Musical

Jessica Williams

In memory of Reba Higgins

Robert Baker
Janice Grant Johnson
Newberry Alternative School
Michael and Pamela Riddle
Mike and Debbie Underwood

In honor of Carol Hovey*

Grant Lowenstein

In memory of Patricia Hughes

Laurie Hughes

In memory of Chris Hunt

Heather Fricke | Creative
Debby Gibbs
Jessica Harris
Dan, Kathleen, and Savannah Taylor

In honor of Amy D. Insley*


In honor of Clare Jaymes

Alice Flanders

In honor of Gai Jones

James Chambless

In memory of Gail Jones

Mallory Nonnemaker

In memory of Ellis Jordan

Diane de Julio

In honor of Jack Jose

Frank and Janna McWilliams

In honor of Sandy Katz*

Amy D. Insley

In memory of Patricia Kroeger

Jessica Harris
Debra and John Stanchek

In honor of Dr. Frank LaBan

Steve Halper

In memory of Wally Larson

Mark and Patty Bowers
Cheryl and David Bradley
Diane K. Larson
Richard and Linda Larson
Beth Malone
Donald and Jo Ann McCall
Steven and Cheryl Neu
Heather Vogelsong
David and Carla Wood

In honor of Cynthia Louden*

Mark Weinstein

In honor of Amelia Mackey

Sarah Kueser

In honor of Noah Mailloux

Nathaniel Mailloux

In memory of Donald L. McGuire

Sandra J. Morgan

In memory of Ronald E. Mills

Larry, Shanna, and Ean Butcher
John Flink
Rochelle Herrera
Ouachita Electric Cooperative Corporation

In honor of the School of Theatre Arts and Dance, University of Northern Colorado

Tom McNally

In honor of Nicola Olsen*


In honor of Jim Palmarini

Arnold Printing Company

In memory of Howard Palmer

Jeanette Palmer

In honor of Robert Richardson

Jenna Miles

In memory of Elizabeth Robertson

Dwight Robertson

In honor of Patricia Santanello*

Michaela Strausbaugh

In memory of Patricia Schroeder

Nancy and Jim Huneke

In honor of Dawn Sclafani*

Sandra Lundgren

In memory of Mel Shoemaker

Nebraska Thespians

In honor of Barbara Somerville

Stephanie Day

In honor of James Swanwick*


In honor of Julie Cohen Theobald

Allison Kahn

In memory of Rexford "Rex" Weichhart

Hans Weichhart

In memory of Edna M. Whaley

Sonya Whaley

In memory of Jack Willoughby*

Kimberly Staples

In honor of Gavin A. Wilson

Gavin A. Wilson

In honor of Barry Wood

Stephanie D'Abruzzo

*Gift made to the #GivingTuesday campaign.

Honorary or memorial gifts are a thoughtful way to honor or remember a person to whom theatre education was important. All donors who make an honorary or memorial gift will be listed on Schooltheatre.org for a duration of six months. Donors who make honorary or memorial gifts are also listed in the EdTA annual report and in Dramatics magazine. You may make an honorary or memorial gift for any EdTA or ITS gift purpose.

To make an honorary or memorial gift, visit our donation page, choose a gift purpose, then select whether the gift is in honor or in memory of an individual. Be sure to provide the individual's full name in the text box below. If you would like us to notify the individual or loved ones please provide us with their names and addresses; we will not disclose the amount of the gift.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how to make an honorary or memorial gift, please contact Claire Willingham, 513.977.5529. 

Note: If giving to scholarships, please note that permanent named scholarships in honor or memory can be established by gifts of $25,000 or more. If the total amount donated for scholarships in honor or in memory of an individual exceeds $1,500 in a given year, we will contact the loved ones of the honoree to ask if they would like to designate a one-time scholarship to be presented in the individual’s name.