Theatre in Our Schools

Educational Theatre Association. American Alliance for Theatre & Education. International Thespian Society.

The Educational Theatre Association and the International Thespian Society have partnered with the American Alliance for Theatre & Education (AATE) to sponsor Theatre in Our Schools, a campaign designed to raise public awareness of the impact of theatre education and draw attention to the need for more access to quality programs for all students. TIOS presentations and advocacy may happen anytime in schools, theatres, and other public spaces. However, we recognize and promote March as the official TIOS month, with a series of community- and school-based events and celebrations nationwide.

The goal of TIOS month is to not only raise awareness inside the school walls, but beyond and into the community; to share the story of the importance of school theatre with leaders, influencers, policymakers, and all community members.

Please use the documents, messages, and graphics found on this page to create your own TIOS plan.

Register your troupe. Share your story (click to download). Your Story 2017.docx Getting started (click to download). Started 2017.docx Promotional ideas (click to download). Ideas 2017.docx Individuals sign up here.

Letter to the editor templates (click to download). to the editor templates 2017.pdf 31 facts about theatre education (click to download). facts about theatre education_2017_v2.pdf Local news release template (click to download). Local News Release template 2017.docx Did You Know? Facts and figures on theatre education. National news release (click to download). national news release 2017.pdf TIOS logos. TIOS posters and poster/ad templates. 31 facts graphics. One-page flyer/advertisement (click to download). flyer 2017.pdf TIOS letterhead (click to download). Letterhead.docx


Celebrate TIOS with professional development for educators from our partners at AATE. Learn more here.

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