Distinguished Thespians

Distinguished Thespians

The International Thespian Society has inducted more than two million students since it was founded in 1929. If they were all gathered in a single place, it would be the fourth largest city in the United States, bigger than Houston, not quite the size of Chicago. Chances are it would have a few more professional actors and other show business folks than might be expected for a town of two million. More significantly, the Thespian citizens who followed a path that took them out of the theatre after they left high school would, on average, speak with more confidence than their non-Thespian counterparts, present themselves with more poise, measure a two-by-four with more accuracy, and always start a cross on their upstage foot.

John Goodman

Roseanne, Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski, Monsters Inc., Argo, Inside Llewyn Davis
Affton High School, St. Louis, 1971
Emmy Award winner

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Here’s a partial listing of some Thespians who have distinguished themselves in their professional lives on stage and film.

Many Thespians have also distinguished themselves offstage, in business, nonprofit organizations, or other fields, including Laurie Baskin, J. Michael Durnil, Sharon Kneebone, and Don Loftus.