International Thespian Festival

Thank you for all the once-in-a-lifetime moments at
International Thespian Festival 2018!


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Find your light, hit your mark, take the stage and you will make the one-and-only
International Thespian Festival your place to shine!

There’s nowhere else like it. International Thespian Festival, where 4,500 high achieving high school theatre students and their teachers experience a full-week of immersion in the theatre arts and emerge with the glow of achievement… the warmth of the spotlight…radiant from applause and acknowledgement… with bright smiles, sparkling eyes, high fives, and hugs….and sparks of imagination and understanding ignited in workshops.

The 54th International Thespian Festival, produced by the Educational Theatre Association, showcases outstanding school theatre productions on four professional stages, and extraordinary opportunities for learning and presentation encompassing all theatrical disciplines. ITF will be YOUR place to shine.

Save the date  JUNE 24-29, 2019
Registration opens February 1

  • Students and teachers can select from hundreds of rigorous and engaging workshops taught by experts in their field. Topics include acting and performing, lighting, sets, sound, makeup, costume design and construction, directing, stage management, dance, and playwriting. More specialized subjects may include puppetry, stage combat, commedia dell’arte, and more.
  • Students can meet with recruiters from dozens of top college and university theatre programs from across the country to interview and audition for admission and for thousands of dollars in scholarships.
  • Inducted Thespians who qualify at their chapter conference event can participate in National Individual Events, a special program of the International Thespian Society that assesses and recognizes significant student achievement in theatre.
  • Teachers can hone their skills both as theatre artists and as educators in workshops and may earn continuing education and graduate credit by taking a Professional Development Intensive seminar.